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What are the benefits of the Residency Program for Czech Artists?

We host about 55 artists and professional creatives via our Residency Program for Czech Artists, which is why the benefits and responsibilities differ with each individual – we aim at a model of balanced symbiosis. All residents are provided with a co-funded studio space, for which they pay a fraction of the commercial rental price. If they are interested, we provide representation and support in relation to our international partners, actively trying to find means of presenting their work outside the Czech Republic or other forms of international cooperation. We also offer the possibility to exhibit or present their work in one of the spaces of Petrohradská 1.2.3., providing production and PR support and limited financial support. There are no limits to cooperation, we are open to ideas and propositions from our residents.

What should I do if I am interested in participating in the Residency Program for Czech artists?

Since our residents are participants of the Petrohradská 1.2.3. project, creating a community and shaping the face of the project, they are chosen based on their portfolios. If you are interested in a residency, send us your portfolio or a link to your website to opencall@petrohradskakolektiv.com. We cannot, however, guarantee that you will be accepted to the residency program. Also, please keep in mind that we are located in a building proposed for demolition. Although we try to provide comfort for our residents, we prefer to invest finances into the program and events.

Why do residents have to pay for the studios and how much?

Although we would like to provide our residents with studio space for free, it is not possible due to financial reasons. The amount we ask for differs based on the size and state of the studio and is used to cover the costs for electricity, water, heating, internet, and maintenance costs of communal areas.

If I am a foreigner living and working in the Czech Republic, which residency program should I apply to?

The A – I – R stay via the Petrohradská kolektiv Residency Program for Foreign Artists is limited to three to five weeks, with the condition that the artist must live and work outside of the Czech Republic. If you are a foreigner living and working in the Czech Rep., feel free to send us your application to the Residency Program for Czech Artists.

How do I apply to the Residency Program for Foreign Artists?

Follow the deadlines of our regular open-calls and send us a fill-out application form and other required documents. For more information, click HERE.

What is not accepted in Petrohradská 1.2.3.?

We do not accept any behavior limiting the freedoms of other residents and collaborators, any aggressive behavior, the use of drugs on premises, intentional damaging of equipment and property, or littering. Czech residents are not allowed to live in their studios.


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