Petrohradská kolektiv is an artist-run initiative with it's own production, dramaturgy, and spaces for experiemntal and contemporary art since 2015, giving artists room for their work, freedom and attention. Our activities are mostly focused on exhibitions and education, live art and residency for local and foreign artists. Petrohradská kolektiv wants to contribute to the value of art in society by supporting, presenting and producing projects not only focused on contemporary arts.


Location where Petrohradská kolektiv is based was erected in Pragues Vršovice district by 1903. Built as a mill and a bakery for Hedivka and Karel Müller. By the end of 1920 the structure was rebuilt to house the manufacturing of chocolate goods by Korda ltd. The building was last used by an assembly workshop of Industrial Automation Plants (ZPA). Currently the building is to be demolished.

In the meantime, since 2015, it's being used by our association to produce a cultural programme and a platform for young arts. Aside from the 36 studios that provided spaces for over 200 artists over the course of their operation, the space has a multifunctional room, photo studio and recording studio, Jedna Dva Tři Gallery and a base for resident artists.

By the begining of the year 2019, Kafe Petrohradská opened in frontage of the building.


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Base principals of our functioning lie in discussion - current form of cooperation on emerging projects and possible coproduction is defined by collaborative refinement of concepts and ideas.

Core of the collective composes of the co-founder and project manager Daniel Konopáč and co-founder, dramaturg for residence programme and currator of Jedna Dva Tři Gallery, Edita Štrajtová. Added on 2016, the core expanded by the live art curator Dominika Andrašková and a sound technician and power base handler of all duties to be performed, Jan Duben. Early 2019, we were joined by a volunteer coordinator and foreign residency coordinator Bára Hosová and Mojmír Měchura, who took to managing production and operations.

We owe a thanks to the huge amount of external help and part-time collaborations, that sometimes briefly, but significantly helped in the project development. We cooperate with non-profit organizations, students and many other individuals, who seek to support our local alternative scene.


Whats the difference between Petrohradská kolektiv and Petrohradská 1.2.3.?

Petrohradská kolektiv is the association and shortly, a production team as a part of which we realize the project of a studio complex named Petrohradská 1.2.3..

Some of our activities however take place outside of the location, in the past we have produced a two-day festival accompanying the film-festival in Mariánské Lázně, or we have cooperated in an exhibition with the Spectaculare festival, located in the Klementinum library, the National library of Czech Republic in Prague.

I'm interested in renting on of your spaces, what should I do?

If you want to rent our studios or an event space, look into the Rent space section, where you can find technical specification of rentable spaces. If interested in renting our spaces for your events, provide a description of your events with links to project references.

You can also find out if there are any studio currently available. The studio rent is specific for each studio. The price is determined by the state and size of the space, as it is equal to it's operational costs (you are not charged extra for the benefit of the association). The price covers the energy (heating, water, electricity), internet access, security, service and maintenance.

I have a project which I'd like to realize in collabration with Petrohradská kolektiv. How should I proceed?

We are interested in cooperating on your projects. Send us a description of your project, your portfolio and detail your desired form of collaboration.

I'm interested in participating in your residency programme, what should I do?

By the end of each year we release a current opencalls for the upcoming year. Our opencalls are accessible in the Residency section and are made public through social networks. If you're interested in participating, proceed by taking steps in a current on-going opencall.

You say the building is to be demolished, when will that happen?

The site of Petrohradská 438/13 property was to be demolished by early 2017, since then the date of the demolishion project and the upcoming rebuilding is uncertain. As soon as the information is known to us, we will inform our residence and our followers through newsletter, web updates and social networks.

What we consider unacceptable?

We do not tolerate restriction of personal freedom, agressive behavior, purposeful damage of tangible property or intentional pollution of the Petrohradská complex 1.2.3.


Cultural activities of Petrohradská kolektiv are non-profit and as so would not function without the benefactor help.

We thank you for your support!

Městská část Praha 10 - Celoroční program Petrohradská kolektiv

Ministerstvo kultury ČR - Projekt zahraničních residencí PK
Ministerstvo kultury ČR - Program živého umění PK
Státní fond kultury ČR - Celoroční výstavní program Jedna Dva Tři Gallery
Státní fond kultury ČR - Program živého umění PK

Státní fond kultury ČR - Celoroční výstavní program Jedna Dva Tři Gallery
Státní fond kultury ČR - Projekt zahraničních residencí PK
Státní fond kultury ČR - Program živého umění PK
Magistrát hlavního města Prahy - Celoroční výstavní program Jedna Dva Tři Gallery
Magistrát hlavního města Prahy - Projekt zahraničních residencí PK
Magistrát hlavního města Prahy - Program živého umění PK
Městská část Praha 10 - Celoroční výstavní program Jedna Dva Tři Gallery
Městská část Praha 10 - Program živého umění PK
Městská část Praha 10 - Projekt zahraničních residencí PK
Ministerstvo kultury ČR - Program živého umění PK
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