The Gallery was established in 2016 with the aim of supporting young and emerging artists, and presenting the work of our Czech and foreign residents. Since our attention is focused on emerging artists, we seek to involve the artist in the whole process of holding an exhibition: starting with discussions regarding the concept to (de)installation, keeping in mind the value of the experience itself. In other words, we emphasize the process of holding an exhibition, rather than just presenting the artwork itself. Beside exhibitions, we hold film-media presentations in a regular series called 1x1, ranging from video-art to documentary movies to collages to animation, where the author is always present, creating a platform for discussion and dialog.




We are opened to collaboration with artists and curators, so if you have a project you would like to present at Jedna Dva Tři Gallery, apply to our open-call! We accept individual as well as group applications of artists and/or curators. Fine-art as well as visual, audio-visual and sonic projects are welcome. Petrohradská kolektiv will support the selected projects by providing exhibition space, basic production and PR support, curatorial support and limited financial support. We will be accepting a max. of 8 projects in 2017. The current deadline is Feb. 15th, 2017.

Current dead-line: 15th Feb 2017.    More information and application here.



Jedna Dva Tři Gallery consists of several spaces. Most exhibitions take place in the main exhibition room, as do the accompanying presentations and discussions. This space also serves as the main meeting point for residents and collaborators. The second, outdoor space, is located in the inner courtyard of the building complex and is ideal for large-scale installations and statues. The last space is the Drive-Thru gallery, where you can see murals. The three spaces are connected by a reception and reading room.