Rant (DE) + JWQ

  • Datum začátku:
    2.2.2020, 19:30
  • Datum ukončení:
    2.2.2020, 23:00

Rant (DE) + JWQ

Jedinečný dvojkoncert německého dua rant a pražské kapely JWQ v prostoru Room Petrohradská kolektiv.


Merle Bennett (drums) & Torsten Papenheim (guitar)
rant explores the possibilities of duo playing to the extreme and has developed a very unique musical
identity. The interlocked play of Merle Bennett (drums) and Torsten Papenheim (guitar) creates an
exciting balance between precision and playfulness, groove and looseness, sound and song. Each
piece creates a very specific musical world.
Since 2004 rant has released four beautiful albums on Berlin-based label schraum and played
numerous tours in Germany and around.
In spring 2019 Swiss label unit released the latest album of rant:
"to raise hell as we go along" - a heartfelt homage to an epoch of great american music culture. For
the first time in rant history, Merle Bennett and Torsten Papenheim dedicate themselves to
compositions of other musicians. rant meet themselves again in the new and unhinge time on "to raise
hell as we go along".


Quotes from international press:
A musical revelation. skug (Austria)
Abstract without being academic. Avantgarde without airs of preciousness. freiStil (Austria)
The air of american music history drifting through these excentric interpretations would thrill people like Henry Kaiser, Jack White or Eugene Chadbourne. Jazzthing (Germany)
In a wonderful manner, Bennett and Papenheim go around this famous material and uncover some unexpected facettes. They take the songs apart, peel the layers off and putting them back together again in a very uniquely authentic and yet eccentric way. Concerto (Austria)
rant display a fine precision and deliberation in their crisp work which is extremely engaging – stark shapes, minimalism, mystery, weight. The Sound Projector (Great Britain)
rant succeed with quiet, but often dizzying awareness of the sounds within their environment waiting to be exposed. Music Emissions (USA)
Well worth checking out by adventurous listeners. Cadence Magazine (USA)


Acoustic quartet playing original music, combines free improvisation with influences mostly of jazz history
(new orleans, soul jazz, hard-bop, free-jazz) but also other genres (surf-rock, brass music, tango etc)
Recently, they've released a virtual double-album on Bandcamp, one album consists of original compositions and
second album is free improvised, concerts of JWQ are unpredicted combination of both albums,
which you can listen here:


Štěpán Janoušek- trombone

Michal Wróblewski- alto sax

Miloš Klápště - double bass

Jan Chalupa- drums


19:30 – 23:00