AIR / Soyoung Bae – I missed you last night and the old lady at the window

  • Datum začátku:
    3.12.2019, 18:30
  • Datum ukončení:
    3.12.2019, 21:00

AIR / Soyoung Bae – I missed you last night and the old lady at the window

We cordially invite you to the opening exhibition of Petrohradská kolektiv Artists-in-Residence!

I missed you last night and the old lady at the window

Soyoung Bae
Guest: Veronika Gabrielová

Opening 03.12.2019
>>18:30 Performance
>>19:00 Artist talk

3.12. - 3.01. 2020

The exhibition examining poetic possibilities, in a relation between what actually happened, what could have happened and what may happen. That leads us to a question of potentiality and spontaneity. It is often about weaving fictional moments that reflect specific cultural aspects through collecting various stories and images such as news reports, myths, personal stories, pop culture, advertisements, and internet memes. Exhibition through capturing the specific detail of events that are engaged with personal memories and social issues disassembles and reassembles in singles the elements.

Soyoung is showing her new work consisting of video, photography, installation, and performance with the concept of love and tears in a form of letters to friends.

Soyoung Bae is a Korean artist based in Seoul and Prague. She studied at Korea National University of Arts and participated in an exchange program at Academy of Fine Arts in Prague in the Studio of Intermedia II (Studio Dušan Zahoranský and Pavla Scerankova).


Petrohradská kolektiv Residency Project and Exhibition Program Jedna Dva Tři Gallery is supported in 2019 by the City of Prague, the State Fund of Culture of the Czech Republic and the City District of Prague 10.




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