Eugene The Oceanographer & Libertae

  • Datum začátku:
    21.10.2016, 19:00
  • Místo konání:
  • Místo:
    Petrohradská 1.2.3.
  • Admission:

Collaboration music & visual event by Eugene The Oceanographer & Libertae & Ninurta @ Petrohradská kolektiv

Eugene The Oceanographer / en

Eugene The Oceanographer – Maybles Labels own theatrical purveyor of experimental pop, with nods to Scott Waker and Yellow Magic Orchestra. His album „The Tigers Of Mount Paektu“ was featured in The Quietus‘ Best Albums of 2015.


I make electronic music, mostly instrumental beats. I have released 1 LP and 3 EPs as LIBERTAE and 1 EP w/ a friend (Arpanet). I would describe my music as experimental with flavour of cloud rap instrumentals and wave music.


visuals by ~

ninurta / cz

free entry


organised by Petrohradská kolektiv