DEZIIN urbanature

  • Start date:
    6.6.2017, 16:00
  • End date:
    11.6.2017, 22:00
  • Venue:
  • Place:
    Petrohradská kolektiv
  • Admission:

Deziin urbanature
Urbanature is the theme of the second exhibition of our cycle of selling exhibitions aimed at supporting Czech and international designers as well as small businesses.

As part of DEZIIN Urbanature we will present authors who reflect nature and the city in their work. They draw their inspiration from studying organic forms and architecture, interconnecting two different worlds both functionally and esthetically that are just learning to co-exist.


Tuesday 6 June
7-10pm opening/ cocktail + dj Jan Edvard
Wednesday 7 June
5-8pm open
Thursday 8 June
5-8pm open
Friday 9 June
5-10pm open
8:30-10pm H3T architekti přednáška s diskuzí na téma: Urbanismus, vztah k veřejnému prostoru a jeho vazba na přírodní prostředí, just in Czech language
Saturday 10 June
3-10pm open and DEZIIN day light djs / Jan Edvard / SSSN / Bukovski
4-8pm Workshop – Relu batoh s Udržitelně chic
8:30-10pm Talks and discussion with exhibiting artists


+Presenting designers and artists+


Pavol Dendis

Stanislava Malcová


Heleta Todd

Roman Šedina

Nina Fránková

Vendula Fabiánová

Antonie Lechér

Adéla Pečlová

Alis Merhaut

The aim of the cycle is restoring the position of design back to the field of art, from which it arose. In order to provide the participating designers with a dignified space and form of presentation of their work, we decided to hold five day lasting exhibitions, where the visitor has the possibility of purchasing the exhibited objects, but purchase isn´t the main purpose of the exhibition. We want to present products that may be of practical use but are not objects of consumerism, with emphasis being laid on the mutual relationship between the exhibited objects.

DEZIIN thus aims at presenting design as a specific, artistic form of production, where the creation of artefacts undergoes conceptual elaboration. To emphasize the ideational aspect of such production, each exhibition will be accompanied by a workshop and discussion with a featured designer or theorist.


Thanks Flexup for support.
Thanks Koncept story for support.