DEZIIN / Nicole Taubinger: Czech Folklore

  • Start date:
    13.4.2017, 19:00
  • End date:
    27.4.2017, 19:00
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Jedna Dva Tři Gallery a Petrohradská kolektiv request the pleasure of your company at the opnening of the exhibition Nicole Taubinger: Czech Folklor on Thursday April 13th from 7pm.

The exhibition entitled Czech Folklore of German-Czech artist Nicole Taubinger offers a novel point of view at folklore in Czech design. The artist seeks items of daily use that surround us in such an extent we no longer notice them, and by reusing them, she places them into a new context. “Plastic is our art, our second landscape.”

Nicole Taubinger studied jewelry design at the University of Oregon, USA. She has held several exhibitions and activist performances, mostly in Germany, Croatia, the USA and the Czech Rep. The objects she creates are strongly critical and ironic, reacting to economic, social and cultural problems and changes.

Nicole Taubinger will have an artist talk on Thursday April 20th.

The exhibition will be on view until April 27 th 2017.

Jedna Dva Tři Gallery, Petrohradská 13, Praha 10