Audiogramy: Thomas Lehn & hans w. koch

  • Start date:
    19.3.2019, 20:00
  • End date:
    19.3.2019, 23:00

Audiogramy: Thomas Lehn & hans w. koch


Thomas Lehn & hans w. koch
schattenboxen II

Since about 1990 Thomas Lehn’s central artistical work is live-electronic music, created on the basis of analogue sound synthesis. After a period of working with the Robert Moog’s minimoog synthesizer, since 1994 his main electronic equipment is the Synthi A modular analogue synthesizer combined with the DK-2 keyboard, both developed and produced by the British company EMS in the late 1960ies. Thomas Lehn’s electronic music is instrumentally live-performed. Musical material, process and structure are created and performed in real time.

Hans W. Koch (b. 1962) is a Cologne-based composer, performer, and sound artist. His work encompasses pieces for chamber and large orchestra, experimental scores for instruments, computers and everyday objects, sound installations, electronic music, etc. He summarizes his art as being about sculpting thoughts in diverse material and prefers conceptual approaches: “more thought, less material”. Koch studied composition with Johannes Fritsch and currently is professor for sound at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne

Audiogramy is a series of audiovisual performances presenting contemporary development in the field of independent and experimental sound art. The aim of the series, curated in cooperation with Michal Kindernay, is to bring current trends and transformations in sound art to Prague´s music scene. Attention is paid to cross-genre undertakings, including influence from the contemporary art scene, offering a broad and contextualized view.

The Live Art Program at Petrohradská kolektiv is a platform for performative art, with emphasis on experimental and independent music. The 2019 program is curated in cooperation with Michal Kindernay, Lucia Udvardyová and Juraj Hoppan, with whom we prepared three concert series – Audiogramy, Easterndaze meets Petrohradská and P/O/P.

The Live Art Program 2019 is financially supported by the City of Prague.


From 20:00 till 23:00