Andrea Liu (AIR) – Dance Rants: Queer Apotheosis

  • Datum začátku:
    9.7.2018, 20:00
  • Místo konání:
  • Místo:
    Petrohradská kolektiv
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Andrea Liu (AIR) – Dance Rants: Queer Apotheosis


“Dance Rants” is a hybrid format that combines dance, rants, and a communal gathering of queer perspectives, building bridges between Queer New York and Queer Prague. We will adress random topics related to the politics of Queer collectivity—such as…

(1) the metamorphosis of the word “queer” from 1970’s to present
(2) NYC queer art collectives (Gran Fury, Fierce Pussy, Tracy & the Plastics, ACT-UP, Radical Faeries, LTTR)
(3) a magical militant apparatus of the Eunuch as Ideal Human/ Tranvescites, Hermaphrodites Eunuchs and those who have eluded the gender binary
(4) Israel’s instrumentalization of LGBT rights to pink-wash their military occupation of Palestine

Or any other topics the audience wishes to discuss.

Bring your frustrations, your exasperations, your expostulations, your thought experiments, your questions, and your rants. During discussion we are gonna attempt to build bridges between queer theory and the lived experiences of LGBT people in New York City and Prague. All the energy and tension built up from the rant/discussion, we will then release through dance. We’re gonna rant, then we’re gonna dance; we’re gonna rant, then we’re gonna dance; we’re gonna rant, then we’re gonna dance.
*5 minute Dance Performance by Andrea Liu at 8:30, 9:00, and 9:30

Dance Against a movement Inculcated so many times as to acquire a rote automatism

Dance Against the Insidious Pall of the Square Jaw-Lined Happy-Teethed Self-Esteemed Healthy Protagonist (condensed, Add Water)

Dance Against the Patrician Impulse to Envelop Oneself in a Cocoon of an Insipidly Respectable ‘Elegance’

Queer is an affect, a position in society, a lock-out , a shut-down, an orgiastic glee, a sublimation, a fugitive glance, a plastered band-aid with an artificial sheen on a wound, a lackadaisical Great Refusal, a sardonic demurring when offered the plate of Sanctioned and Approved Respectability


Andrea Liu is NYC/ Berlin based performer, writer, and artist. She danced for NYC choreographers Koosil-ja Hwang, Jennifer Monson and Elise Knudson. She received her dance training in NYC from the Limon Institute (studying the harnessing of extreme weight shifts, momentum and release work), Trisha Brown Summer Dance Intensive (studying partnering and improvisation) and MELT. She has been artist- in-residence at Atlantic Center for the Arts, MFAH Core Program, Ox-Bow, Z/KU-Berlin, Centrale Fies Liveworks Performance Act Award Volume 4, The Art & Law Program, Millay Colony, Chashama, Homesession Barcelona, amongst others. She has performed at S.A.L.E Docks, Dixon Place, Chez Bushwick, Flutgraben-Berlin, HTMlles Feminist Festival of Media Arts and Digital Culture, Artists Space (Movement Research Dance Improvisation Festival), Queens Museum of Arts, Berliner Festspiele (under Chto Delat), & HOT! Festival (NYC’s longest running 24 year performance festival for queer themes/artists). She was on the Political Action & Media Committee of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Center on 13th Street (New York). She received her undergraduate education from Yale University and thereafter studied literary criticism at the Centre Parisien D’Etudes Critiques (Paris, France).


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Petrohradská kolektiv Residency Project 2018 je v roce 2018 podporován Ministerstvem kultury ČR.