One Two Three Gallery was launched in March 2016. Activities include solo exhibitions of the youngest generation of Czech artists and foreign residents of the Petrohradská kolektiv Residency Project, thematic lectures and discussions. The main focus is working with space based on experimental environment. Specifically, we aim for authorial exhibitions and create a new work directly for the gallery.

The result is exhibitions that responds to gallery space, even though the theme remains. The challenge is to engage the general public and mediate it with contemporary art, in order to connect people, ideas and practices on the local and international level. Naturally, we strive to engage and then share exploratory creative processes. We see art as a mutual resource, a catalyst for innovation and a means of connectivity.

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Čas [ne]Růst: Štěpán Krahulec

Opening on 22. ledna 2020

Exhibition will be opened from 22th january to 12th february.


The Live Arts program of Petrohradská kolektiv is not only a platform for experimental music, it is a meeting point of different directions of this genre, its listeners and creators. In 2020 we have three concert series in our program: Petrohradská ft. R(A)DIO (ACUSTICA) directed by Ladislav Železný, A ROOM OF ONE ́S OWN under the direction of Daniel Konopáč and Petrohradská ft. LESS with dramaturgist Juraj Hoppan. During the operation of the project, two theatrical performances under the Program of the Performing Arts were created.

In 2018 a performance with non-actors directed by Peter Gonda named A.T.I.S.M.I.A. was created in collaboration with the …příští vlna / next wave… festival. In 2019, the same director also prepared a scenic concert entitled Six Stories of Origin and Extinction. Positive response from the lay and professional public was followed by a performance at the Kiosk Festival in Žilina, SK.

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Due to the interdisciplinary focus of the Petrohradská kolektiv, the above-mentioned programs are complemented by other activities that develop individual thematic lines through lectures, discussions and workshops. Educational activities also include project Intergenerational Dialogue, whose first activities for the public began at the end of June 2019. The focus of the project is to increase mutual communication between artists and the general public, focusing on the involvement of seniors in intergenerational discussions through creative workshops and guided tours.

The aim is to provide seniors with contact with the outside world, attract their attention to the projects of young authors and thus help natural intergenerational relationships.

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