Petrohradská kolektiv z.s. was founded in 2015 by Daniel Konopáč and Edita Štrajtová with the aim of supporting young and emerging artists, currently via the Petrohradská 1.2.3. project. By transforming the building of a former chocolate factory, proposed for demolition, into a studio complex, we are able to host almost 60 artists and creative professionals in 38 studios. Our aim is to, despite the inevitably temporary nature of our stay here in this complex, offer a workspace to our residents and collaborators, thus creating an inspiring cultural environment in the heart of Prague´s Vršovice.



Petrohradská 1.2.3.

The Petrohradská 1.2.3. project can be divided into three main realms of production. The first is the Residency program for Czech and foreign artists, with regularly published open-calls. The second is Jedna Dva Tři Gallery, located here in the building, focused on providing exhibition space as well as experience to young and emerging artists and curators. The Live Art Program is the third realm of production, focusing on contemporary Czech and Slovak experimental electronic and noise music, performative art and author readings.


Mission and vision

Our main objective is creating a platform for community based interaction: not just producing art, but rather providing space for the creative process itself, where music, fine arts, graphic design, film or photography can interact not only with each other, but also with our surroundings in Vršovice, creating a platform for discussion, examination and experimentation.