Irène Mélix – A-I-R 2018

Irène Mélix (*1988, Stuttgart) studied fine arts in Dresden and Cracow, cultural science in Hildesheim and Paris. She is a cultural worker in artistic and political terms. She uses a large variety of media to deal with questions related to politics, gender-issues, literature and history. She is interested in the peculiarity of the artists‘ profession and part of the union FAU. As a part of the artists‘ duo team2 (Theresa Schnell), she investigated the emancipatory potential of sub-cultural milieus. For several years, she has been researching on the construction of lesbian* identity in language and visual culture. The deep-level clearing, a term from building industry, can stand as an image for her approach: hydraulic hammer, demolition grab, screening bucket, backhoe bucket and sorting grab are strategies of her flying range.

La culotte de sapho

Clubbing on a gay night turns into a glittering party. Among the guests are Olga Rado, Mette, Eri and many other book favourites. The ladies* nestle around the tables, smoking cigarettes, the authors order one beer after another at the bar, while Fräulein Dr. Südekum keeps to her corner, trying not to stick out. A boisterous, familiar air fills the room and chat-ups are whirring around. No-one seems to notice the lone scorpion, which climbs up the wall behind the counter… This is where the women* who love women* meet to flirt, kiss and whisper sweet to one another, to talk, dance and write lesbian herstory.

The audiopiece lavender songs will be released on the opening of the exhibition La culotte de sapho. In the last years, Irène Mélix has been researching the construction of lesbian* identity, mainly in novels and newspapers of the 1920s. Getting to know Alexandra, Gert, Mette and many other figures, browsing through dating apps and lonely hearts ads, looking into the atmosphere of lesbian bars and investigate photos for the expressions of desire, she deals with the question of how to create language and images for lesbian* identity, lesbian* passion and life.


Petrohradská kolektiv Residency Project 2018 je podporován Ministerstvem kultury ČR.